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2 October 2021


Introduce your child to the world of engineering and robotics!

Be in awe with your very own hand crafted robots! Using common materials and components you can create the world! Make wiggle robots, catapults, paper plane launches and so much more. This event will introduce you to the world of engineering and electronics!

This event is designed for kids 6-15, but people of all ages are welcome to attend!

A free Robotics event brought to you by Vincent Youth Network and Perth STEM! Be in awe with your own exciting rubber band cars, amazing wiggle bots and other hand crafted nifty devices. This event will introduce you to the world of electronics and engineering! You can even take what you make home with you!

This event is suitable for ages for ages 6 to 12 years.

Spaces are limited! Please secure your free ticket here:

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We host fun, exciting, and engaging events that introduce young STEM entrepreneurs to the world of Science and Technology. From robots, to elephant’s toothpaste, from graphite circuits to game design. We are sure to have an event dedicated to your child’s bright mind!


Here at Perth STEM, we host exciting Hackathons where anyone of any age can compete with each other to design something cool. From amazing business ideas, to games, to programs, to new inventions. Our hackathons let your mind go wild!

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The Perth STEM Association is entirely ran by local volunteers in the community. We strive to create an engaging and appealing environment that is safe from all forms of discrimination and violence. Perth STEM is about creating a bold future for Australia, not to participate in questionable endeavours.


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Robomania Event

Introduce your child to the world of engineering, robotics and the thrills of creating DIY projects! Be in awe with our custom designed projects for you! Ranging from rubber band cars, wiggle bots, trebuchets to Skittle Sorting robots! All our welcome to take home any kit they create as part of the event.

Makers Fair

A competition between schools, community groups and individuals on who can create the best projects, whether its a robot, engineering piece, a demonstration, art or any other amazing project. This will give you an opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals and gain ideas and inspiration from each other. Group registrations and more information coming soon.



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