Our projects are a range of DIY and event projects. You can see our popular projects using the links below.


Some of our projects are popular creative commons projects that have been adapted to meet the needs of Perth STEM and the community. Links to the original tutorials have been provided.

Electric Rubber Band Car

Make a car propelled by an elastic band, and with an electrical circuit we will add some lights. We will be able to work on concepts such as: series and parallel electrical circuits, led lights, energy sources, friction and energy transformation, among others.

*event design is slightly different to the referenced tutorial.

Scribble Bot

21st century Kids are crazy after robots. Also kids are more fascinated with colors and art work. Lets combine both their interests and build a scribbling bot which will be fun for summer activities. Its also called draw bot or artbot. It is built with simple parts around and i am sure it will make you go crazy with its epic doodles and scribbles.